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Meet the Maltipoo, one of the most petite hybrid dog breeds! 1. Cross breed Maltipoo is a cross between a Maltese and a miniature poodle or toy poodle. 2. Generations There are 1st generation and 2nd generation dogs. A first generation Maltipoo has parents which are each purebred Poodle and purebred Maltese. Second generation Maltipoos… Read More

give dogs spoken commands with gestures

Dogs and humans have been living together for more than 20,000 years! You’d think we have already learnt all about one another in this time, but it turns out that most dog owners and pet lovers still don’t know some basic but crucial facts about their dogs. Some of these little-known facts will not only… Read More

Buying a new pet can be a challenging decision. As you might expect, a pet changes every aspect of your home. Hence it’s very important to arm yourself with the correct information before making the big step. This article answers crucial questions which every ‘expectant’ pet owner must ask. Do you want an energetic pet… Read More

adorable batdog is fierce

Text From Dog is an extremely funny tumblr blog where October Jones, the author of the blog gets texts from his bulldog. It’s one of the most popular site for dog lovers and pet owners. He says: “My dog and I are so happy that people are enjoying the texts,although he feels he deserves more of the… Read More

curled hedgehog in hand

Hedgehogs make cute pets! Don’t you love it when a baby hedgehog curls up in your palms like a spiky ball? While they adore playing with humans, hedgehogs care and love other pets too! Hedgehogs not only bring in a world of cuteness in our homes but they also prey on common garden pests and… Read More

Laser pet toy

If you have a cat you probably want to celebrate these holidays with him or her. As a one family member more your cat deserves his own presents… usually a sweet treat or catnip toy is enough for hours of happiness. But what if you want the best of the bests in presents for cats?… Read More

A new research reveals that dogs can “catch” yawns from human beings. The research further revels that your dog will definitely yawn by just hearing the sound of your yawn. From the research, it further gives credence to the belief that dogs empathizes with the owners. Other animals that are capable of yawning include the… Read More

In George Orwell classic “The animal farm,” (a very good book, read it) there is a quote, which stands out, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” The saying aptly captures the pricing of dogs, all dogs are canines, but some cost a fortune. The bottom line is that, if you do… Read More