Hedgehogs make cute pets! Don’t you love it when a baby hedgehog curls up in your palms like a spiky ball? While they adore playing with humans, hedgehogs care and love other pets too! Hedgehogs not only bring in a world of cuteness in our homes but they also prey on common garden pests and insects.

Feeding them is easier than feeding cats. Hedgehogs eat a wide range of food in small portions. Hedgehog food consists of  veggies, meat, cat-food, small insects etc. Here are some pet hedgehog photos for your viewing pleasure.

The best thing ever – A hedgehog ball

curled hedgehog in hand

Sleeping hedgehogs are cute!

cute hedgehog curled up in a ball

What’s for food?

Baby hedgehog cute closeup


man a kissing hedgehog

When a baby hedgehog stands, you click it.

Pet hedgehog standing on carpet

It’s a nest made of hedgehog!

hedgehog babay care

And what happens when you leave hedgehogs to themselves?

hedgehog towel wrapped hedgehog in garden outdoors Hedgehog face and eyes in grass
hedgehog rolling on pavement hedgehog in leaf garden cute hedgehog herb exploration Adorable baby hedgehog loves denim hedgehog eating food from pink bowl baby hedgehog chasing its own tail Pet hedgehog baby in hand

Hedgehogs are like little kisses from heaven. If you love animals and are looking for a house pet, search no more! Get a baby hedgehog and watch your entire home transform into a jungle of joy. The best things in life do come in small packages!

Have any questions, experiences or suggestions on pet hedgehogs? Post them in the comments section below!

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