These cats have more followers than you on Instagram. Even some Hollywood’s biggest stars may be behind these felines. So you probably follow one or more of these adorable cats already.

With all the fashion bloggers, musicians, YouTube stars tearing up your Instagram feed, sometimes you need cute, heartwarming, and hilarious snaps to brighten your day. Here are our TOP 9 cat Instagram accounts to follow and love.

Name: Hamilton

His amazing moustache has made Hamilton a real Internet sensation!

Dinosaur eyes… #mustachecat

???? ???????????? – Hamilton The Hipster Cat – (@hamilton_the_hipster_cat)

Name: Pudge

A true beuty from Minneapolis.


Can’t see the Mondays ?? #mondaysgonnamonday #regalaf #pudgethecat


???? ???????????? Pudge (@pudgethecat)

Name: Nala

Nala is one of the most famous cats on Instagram. So pretty! SEE ALSO: Nala The Most Famous Cat on Instagram

Happy weekend ? ???? ???????????? nala_cat? (@nala_cat)


Name: Winston Smushface

A ginger cat from Gold Coast, Australia. His cute little tongue is “almost permanently” hanging out.

Plotting world domination?   ???? ???????????? Winston Smushface (@winstonsmushface)


Name: Joe, Oliver and Alba

An adorable trio from England.

The Family   ???? ???????????? joe_oliver_and_alba (@joe_oliver_and_alba)

Name: Snoopy

A pretty Exotic Shorthair cat showing off his latest outfits.

?fancy face ???? ???????????? SNOOPY·babe (@snoopybabe)

Name: Tardar Sauce

Better known by her internet name ‘Grumpy Cat’, Tardar Sauce is recognizable for her constantly grumpy expression.

Name: Sam

Sam was born with the most adorable, real eyebrows! Does it get any cuter than that face?

When the break room is out of coffee ? ???? ???????????? Sam (@samhaseyebrows)


Name: Bub

Bub is a one happy kitten. “A lady, and a magical, one of a kind space cat.”

Hello, Iowa. It’s me, BUB. Get out and vote today! #lilbub #usa ???? ???????????? Lil BUB (@iamlilbub)

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