Hugging is one of the best ways of bonding.  It is something that we do as human beings when we meet people we have feelings for family, friends, or lovers. Animals to have feelings, and hugging is part and parcel of their daily interaction. You can borrow some hugging tips from some of the following animals…


Hey you, you are so lost……

Cat and Dog hugging, the dog is surprised so are we….

Bonding session….nothing does it better than a hug.

Hugging together so that they can dream together…..?


I will give you a hug, even if you scream your head off……

Mother hugs a new born baby….Bonding starts at birth..The same is true for Humans

Come here, mom….what have you brought for supper?

Come here boy…..I think you need a hug to enlighten your moods.

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