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If you thought that laughter, is a given right to Human beings alone, then you need to think again. Animals too, do not mind a tickle when a situation demands so. Many species have demonstrated vocalization resembling human laughter. Scientist believe that the laughter existed in other animals long before, we human started cracking up…. Read More

How well do you know your dog(s)? Dogs have interesting ways of communicating. This list will surely help you understand your dog better. Ears raised Dogs have excellent hearing ability. Raising ears are a sign that the dog is alert, curious, listening or showing acceptance.   Yawning Yawning in dogs can denote one of the… Read More

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd United States president is described by historians as one of the greatest U.S. Presidents. One of the most “prominent” members of his presidency was a Scottish Terrier dog known as Fala. Fala was always seen with the president and as such captured the American public Imagination and became synonymous with… Read More