Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd United States president is described by historians as one of the greatest U.S. Presidents. One of the most “prominent” members of his presidency was a Scottish Terrier dog known as Fala. Fala was always seen with the president and as such captured the American public Imagination and became synonymous with the President’s Public image. When he died he was buried next to president Roosevelt. He is the only presidential dog immortalized in a statue. Fala represented the classical loyal dog that was always with his master come rain or sunshine. Past and present world leaders have had pets with the dogs being the preferred pet. Maybe due to its loyalty. Here are some of the current world leaders with their pets.

   Barack Obama— President of the United States of America

Pet : A dog known as Bo

   Vladimir Putin— Russian President

Pet : a dog known as Koni

 Queen Elizabeth—- United Kingdom

Pet: Several Corgis

 Kevin Rudd—Australian prime minister 

Pet: a dog known as Abby

David Cameron— Prime minister United Kingdom

Pet: a cat known as Larry

  Stephen Harper— Prime Minister of Canada

Pet: a Cat known as Chinchilla

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