“The spirit of the Arabian horse is like the wind;
Try as you might, you cannot capture it,
But, if one can be still enough,
It will enter your heart and capture your soul.”


This quote aptly defines the Arabian horse; it’s more than a horse. It has the ability to enter into the heart and capture the soul creating an unbreakable bond. The Arabian horse attributes have been immortalized in painting, songs, poems and quotes. There is no horse that bonds better with human beings. This is attributed to the fact that the Arabian horse has been associated with Man since time immemorial. This charm started in the middle east thousands of years ago. Today, the Arabian horse has spread its charm offensive throughout the world. Here is why its popularity is unrivaled.


The Arabian horse breed is well represented in premier horse competition such as the  Kentucky Derby and the Dubai world cup among other lucrative races.

Endurance and stamina

The Arabian horse has great endurance compared to other horses. This has made it popular in long endurance horse races.

Quick to Learn

Easily learns new instructions. It is quite intelligent

Willing to Please

We all love animals that please, don’t we? Well, no horse breed does it better than the Arabian. In equal measure, it resents abuse.

High spirit and Alertness

When in perfect health, there is never a dull moment.

Versatile Breed

It can be used for farm work, racing, and even entertainment.

Symbolism of Romance

The Arabian horse is a symbol of Romance. This is attributed to its unparalleled beauty, and willingness to go the extra mile to please.

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