Jaguar Kills Caiman in “Spectacular” Attack

This will definitely rank as one of the most deadly attacks of all time.


Lawsuit Seeking Human Rights for Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees have 99% of our Genetic Make-up! But should they be given the same status as Human beings? This debate definitely is not about to go away.


Lion Hunt Photo Touches Off Heated Conservation Debate

It felt the world wondering: who really was the animal in this photo


The deer which had been pierced by an arrow through its head

The story definitely brought into focus the pain animals undergo during the hunting season. The story had a happening ending though, as the deer was finally captured, treated, and returned to the wild.


Drunk Teens Take Circus Llama on Tour of Bordeaux

Maybe they got this clue from the blockbuster movie, the Hangover!


The insincere Otter

The otter who hated watermelon yet could not stop eating it. Hates it!


Historic U.S. Ivory Crush a Call to Global Action

Definitely the right course of action from the world super-power. Maybe China will get a Clue?



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