How well do you know your dog(s)?

Dogs have interesting ways of communicating. This list will surely help you understand your dog better.

Ears raised

Dogs have excellent hearing ability. Raising ears are a sign that the dog is alert, curious, listening or showing acceptance.




Yawning in dogs can denote one of the following: the dog is tired, cooling off the brain, calming down, excitement or stress.

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Twirling before lying down

Dogs are genetically wired to twirl. This behavior dates back to when dogs lived in packs. This twirling primary is done to ensure comfort and safety. If the behavior is compulsive, it can be a sign of neurological problems or arthritis.



Lifting a leg when Urinating

Dogs are territorial animals. They like to create a sphere of influence. This they do by urinating on selected points to pass pheromones to would be intruders that this space is taken.




It can denote many things: exercise, stress, boredom, or even a desperate attempt to seek attention.



Sniffing other dogs’ butts

This basically gives the dog more details about another dog. Details such as health status, temperament and sex among others.



Eating grass

This is an indicator of nutritional deficiency or the dog is trying to induce vomiting. It is something not to be worried about.



Lowering its body and dropping its tail

A sign of submission. It can also mean that the dog is very anxious or scared.



Growling with visible teeth

Trying to show dominance. Growing with visible teeth, basically passes a message that I have a weapon, and I’m ready to use it.



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