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Some days ago, we interviewed Cristina Ávila, journalist, animal lover, pacifist and creator of Peace Correspondent. Today we want to extend her interview, with a less personal approach and focusing in her work with animal rights as journalist and manager of local organisation APAZ. “Peace is transversal, that is, peace goes through it all: politics,… Read More

Ramon Bartomeus is 58 years old and he volunteers in El Cau Amic shelter, based in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a municipality North of Barcelona, Spain. Although in recent years Sant Cugat has increased significantly its population (now is the ninth most populated municipality in Barcelona province) it still keeps its residential town character, with houses… Read More

Canelo compartiendo cama con uno de sus hermanos gatunos

  Cristina Avila Zesatti is journalist, general editor and creator of Corresponsal de Paz. She worked in CNN and NBC as producer and editor. She was chief of correspondents for NBC-Telemundo in Mexico and collaborator in Europe for written Mexican media. Since 2004 she works in social journalism and “peace journalism“. Nowadays she lives with her 14… Read More

From personal phobias to film induced fears, there are lots of innocent animals that live under a giant “BEWARE” neon signal in our minds. We have prepared a list that will give you goosebumps on this wicked night. “I’m not afraid of X animal” you might think… how wrong are you! Our evil minds have… Read More

Spoiled Dog Christmas Gift Basket

Do you own a dog? Surely you have bought him a present, a funny toy or a savory treat, so he can enjoy these holidays like all other family members. We have prepared a list of the 10 most awsome presents (for expensive, bizarre or just clever) that anybody can buy to their pet… well,… Read More

Laser pet toy

If you have a cat you probably want to celebrate these holidays with him or her. As a one family member more your cat deserves his own presents… usually a sweet treat or catnip toy is enough for hours of happiness. But what if you want the best of the bests in presents for cats?… Read More

Sleeping Panda

Legend has it that pandas were originally white. Imagine the scene: white big bears wandering slowly through wide pastures surrounded by bambus. Crunch, crack, creak, rustle, squeak and swish, the only sounds that could be heard: the bears eating peaceably bamboo branches, tender leaves and other reeds. But they were not alone. Hidden in the… Read More

During the last months we have shared with our fans on Facebook lots of cute, amazing and funny pictures of our furry friends… Oh-oh, ok-ok, don’t be angry: not all of you are furry (alert of thin-skinned fish in the first picture!!). Ok, so, what are we saying… oh yes: lots of lovely animals in… Read More