Do you own a dog?

Surely you have bought him a present, a funny toy or a savory treat, so he can enjoy these holidays like all other family members.

We have prepared a list of the 10 most awsome presents (for expensive, bizarre or just clever) that anybody can buy to their pet… well, maybe not anybody.

10. Spoiled Dog Christmas Gift Basket. The most easy present. You do not need to think, the basket is ready with everything Boby needs.

Spoiled Dog Christmas Gift Basket

9. Rustic Hickory Feeder. Elegant dogs need exclusive feeders.

Rustic Hickory Feeder

8. Interactive Dog Puzzles, because you know that your best friend is the most intelligent animal on Earth, but you need to show it to your skeptic friends.

Interactive Dog Puzzle

7. A stroller, for the cold winter mornings when you do not want that your buddy paws freeze.

Stroller for dogs

6. And what better than a Thermo bed to keep warm on winter? Greyhounds truly appreciate it!

Thermo Bed for Dogs

5. But if you want high ranking comfort for your dog without plug ins, surely a $450 Tempur-pedic bed should do it!

Tempur-pedic bed for dogs

4. If you want to give all these amenities to your dog, but you do not have enough space at your flat… what about match furnishings?

Extra Large Espresso TownHaus Hideaway Dog House Nightstand End Table

3. Porch Potty Premium: First Automated Grass Litter Box for Dogs. Because do you love your dog… but hate the hurries in the morning to avoid accidents in the living-room.

Porch Potty

2. The top 2 has been soooo disputed… hope you like the choice: Swarovski Crystal Stretch Dog Necklace for the modest price of $206.99

Swarovski Crystal Stretch Dog Necklace

1. And… Le Petite Maison Custom Dog House: an overwhelming mansion for your pet. Just $5,989.50!

Le Petite Maison Custom Dog House

Fortunately, your dog loves you by yourself and does no expect all these presents from you!

Happy Holidays!

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