Pets in Halloween Costumes

¡Happy scary night!

¿Are you one of those who could not pass the opportunity to get back to the past, act like an unconscious child doped with sugar and scare your neighbours with stunning costumes? Then for sure that you don’t want to miss this very special article for Halloween.

We have dug internet for you to find the most amazing costumes for pets! Maybe you do not agree with dressing pets like people… but you must accept that the next pictures are freakingly amazing!

In our research we observed that is far easier to dress a dog than a cat, but do not give up if you just have adopted a gang of kittens!

Select a dress for your pet is not much different to select a dress for you. First of all you should now that before selecting your costume, you have to decide among some typical categories.

The most common category: monsters and magic creatures!

Vampire by istolethetv

Wizard by charley1965

Devil by crystalfaye

There are also the classic roles: the cowboy, the pirate, the rugby player,…

Cowboy by daveynin

Pirate by Randy Pertiet

Farmer by dapuglet

Player by beaub

Oh, and do not forget the troglodite… and his friend the triceratops:



Another superclassic costume is the comic heroe:

Superdog by kthypryn

Bat dog by istolethetv

Where is Waldo?

Eh? Is not Waldo your superhero on family dinners?

Who has never dressed as an animal? They can do it too!

Bug by ecopup

Chicken dog by jumpyjodes

Pug… in a pug costume by dapuglet

Yeah, there are always those who do not like Halloween and are compelled to go… as themselves…

But the most common group of costumes are those ones related with movies… and here you don’t need a great imagination, thank bloody merchandising!

Dorothy and the Scarecrow from The wizard of Oz by maccun934

Oh, we love this amazing couple!!!! They dress their dogs every year… in they do very funny pictures! We featured more of them in this post!

Harry Potter by petsadviser-pix

Buzz Lightcat by plasticrevolver

Yoda by foxtongue

Darth Vader and Princess Leia by maccun934

Picture by danja

Oh, my… he is not a dog in a costume… he is The Emperor!!

And finally, for those of you that have not been touched by this post, and keep saying that pets should not be dressed, and that dogs are dogs… sorry for the pun 😉

Hot dog by istolethetv

And that’s all!

Either you have a pet to dress or not, Happy Halloween!