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cat and dog on love

Animal reactions GIFs are always fun to watch. More so when they tell a funny story! If you’re an avid lover of animals and reaction gifs on reddit and other websites, you’re gonna love this post! Had a bad weekend? Or are you getting the Monday blues? No matter how old you are, you will get reminded… Read More

Takin in Tibetan himalayas

The Himalayas is a mountain range than spans across countries like India, Tibet, China and their neighboring countries. Thanks to the massive size of the Himalayas, it’s home to a wide variety of animals. Some of these Himalayan animals are native to the range. i.e. these animals cannot be found in any other part of the world. Since the Himalayas have… Read More

Brown Bear Russia National Animal

National animals are cultural symbols of the country they represent. Every country has it’s own national animal that represents the ideals of its population. Sometimes this leads to very interesting situations. For example, the national animal of Scotland is actually a fictitious creature – The unicorn!

Sleeping Panda

Legend has it that pandas were originally white. Imagine the scene: white big bears wandering slowly through wide pastures surrounded by bambus. Crunch, crack, creak, rustle, squeak and swish, the only sounds that could be heard: the bears eating peaceably bamboo branches, tender leaves and other reeds. But they were not alone. Hidden in the… Read More