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Brown Bear Russia National Animal

National animals are cultural symbols of the country they represent. Every country has it’s own national animal that represents the ideals of its population. Sometimes this leads to very interesting situations. For example, the national animal of Scotland is actually a fictitious creature – The unicorn!

African Elephants Biggest herbivore

Which is the biggest living creature on earth? It is a question that has dazzled man since the early ages. People often wonder about the Earth’s biggest fish, herbivore, cat, bird, reptile etc. Do you know that the Earth’s biggest water animal is not a fish or that the World’s biggest bird cannot fly? Read… Read More

Tigers, wolves, crocodiles and other exotic animals will be allowed to be kept as pets without regular checks in a shake-up of the law. Ministers yesterday supported the change which means owners of exotic or fierce animals will no longer need an annual visit from a vet and council inspector. The Government said updating the… Read More