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Panda's legendary tale

Perhaps the most important aspects of  2012 was that the internet bowed down to the might of animals. Cat and dog pictures have taken over major institutions of internet like Reddit, YouTube, Facebook etc. You can’t escape these adorable creatures. No, really. As we bid adieu to the eventful year that was 2012, here are the top… Read More

Picture of 3 White Butterflies

Butterflies are magical creatures! They are one of the most beautiful insects of the animal kingdom. Not many animal lovers are aware of the fact that Butterflies have an extraordinary life cycle! Here is a brief description of each stage of the butterfly life cycle! Butterflies have always captured our imaginations. They come in hundreds of… Read More

According to a recent survey and research, the population of these African elephants, that currently number around 600,000, is decreasing by about 38,000 each passing year. These figures have been calculated using the annual number of illegal tusk seized, which have significantly exceeded the elephant birth rate, meaning these mammals could face complete extinction within… Read More

Funny illustrations by Sheharzad Arshad… Sheharzad Arshad is not an ordinary person. He’s known by many nicknames, mainly because of his activity as an illustrator. And, you know, it’s really boring to sign your own name in a profession like that. His pictures and cartoons are rather funny. But if you can’t stand black humor,… Read More

Friendly foxes don’t have the level of adrenaline they formerly had – a byproduct of surviving in the wild. And a strong correlation between adrenaline and melanin was later discovered that explained the color of their coat. In other words, tame foxes are no longer producing as much adrenaline as their wild forebears, making them… Read More

The cat’s out of the bag—at least for a woman caught smuggling a live, two-month-old, drugged tiger cub in a suitcase full of toys (pictured) at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The 31-year-old Thai national, whose identity has not been revealed by Thai authorities, was scheduled to board a Mahan Air flight to Iran. But when… Read More