Perhaps the most important aspects of  2012 was that the internet bowed down to the might of animals. Cat and dog pictures have taken over major institutions of internet like Reddit, YouTube, Facebook etc. You can’t escape these adorable creatures. No, really.

As we bid adieu to the eventful year that was 2012, here are the top 13 posts of 2012.

10 Reasons Why Dogs are Better Than Cats

dogs are better than cats

Our most debated article so far. The comment section is a homeground of passionate and heated arguments!

The Most Beautiful Colorful Birds Of The World


These birds are just stunning. Period. The colors of these birds are beyond human comprehension!

Cute Photos of Animals with Big Eyes

cute photos of animals with big eyes

You will go awww.
These eyes have been carefully designed for this exact purpose.

Scary Animals – Badass Big Eye Stare Downs

Scary animals with big eyes

These animals mean business. Their eyes will fill fear in your soul. No, not really. These animals are just as cute 🙂

Animal Olympics – The Champions of the Animal Kingdom

animal olympics champions

This one is another favorite. One of these bad boys can carry up to 850 times their own body weight! A human with such strength will be able to lift an object weighing 60 tons!
Read more to get blown away!

The Top Animal Geniuses

Top animal geniuses

Animals are smarter than you think.
Have you ever caught your pet plotting against you?

Spirit of Adoption in Animals

Animals adopt baby animals

Need some heart melting? This might just be what you’re looking for.

Tigers and Buddhist Monks Together in Thailand’s Tiger Temple

Tigers and Buddhist Monks Live Together in Thailand

Breathtaking images of Tigers and Humans living and loving together.
It’s nothing artificial. Real emotions. Real compassion.

9 Reasons Why the White Lion is Beautiful

white lion and lioness

When was the last time your jaw dropped to the floor?
Well, here is your next time 🙂

Biggest Animals on Earth – Species Wise List

species wise list of the largest creatures of the world

Internet’s most well researched Species Wise List of The Largest Creatures of the world.

The 10 Cutest Midget Creatures in the World

Cutest midget creatures of the world

Cuteness overload. Get ready to smile ear to ear!

The Legend of the Pandas

Panda's legendary tale

Legend has it that pandas were originally white. Read this to know on how that changed.

All Birds Secretly Steal Ice Cream Like Thieves!

birds steal ice cream

These birds are cunning. These birds love ice-cream. And they don’t play nice!

Sharing is caring. You don’t want our birds snatching away your ice cream now do you?
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