Mother Nature is an unmatched artist. She makes the rich colors come alive like no one else can. Ever wondered how every part of nature is full of shades of the 7 basic colors of light? Or how the sky, rainbows and colorful birds seem to have a connection which can only be felt but never truly understood?

We may never be able to understand the ways of Mother Nature, but we certainly can enjoy looking at her most beautiful creations! Considering the fact that most of the animals on earth are colorblind in one way or the other, human beings are really lucky that we have the ability to see these marvelous creatures in all their natural glory. Here are some of the most beautiful and colorful birds that every person should see atleast once in their lifetime.

1. Peacock

Majestic colorful peacock feathers

2. Scarlet Macaw


3. Mandarin Duck

Mandarin duck colorful bird

4. Kingfisher

Multicolored kingfisher on tree

5. Flamingos

group of pink falmingos with yellow and black beaks

6. Parrot

blue multicolered parrot

7. Tufted Puffin

Tufted Puffin with orange beak

8. Indigo Bunting

Indigo Bunting Royal blue bird

9. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise colorful

10. Painted Bunting

painted bunting beautifully multi colored

11. Colorful Hornbill

Colorful hornbill

12. Rainbow Lorikeet

Colorful birds Rainbow Lorikeet

Breathtaking! Weren’t they? The purity and the visual delight of these colorful birds makes one wonder on how the world must have existed before humans came into the picture. Was it more beautiful and colorful than it is now?

Only time and research will tell! Till then, try to appreciate the world we live in and help beautify our colorful world even more with joy, care and love. Too mushy? It happens when you’re surrounded by animals all the time 🙂 Have a colorful day!

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