These high-speed images are treasures that tell stories we rarely get to see – let alone capture – in stunning detail.  Incredible wildlife photography like this takes a steady hand and sharp eye.  And perhaps just a bit of luck!

If you oohed and ahhed over the first couple of pictures, you might have to prepare yourself for the next image…. open wide!

The best wildlife photography is often expressed through the unexpected.  Like these giraffe kisses for a squirrel!

Among cute animal photographs, you’ve gotta agree… this one tops the charts!

Looks like a Chorus Line is coming to a desert near you!  These foxes appear to be warming up with some synchronized stretching and yawning.  All together now….

This gazelle is probably thinking that grooming is for the birds!

Stunning pictures of animals are often captured in high-speed.  You can practically smell the dirt and feel dust in your eyes when you consider this image of two greyhounds closing in on their target.

Who would believe that a rhinoceros could be so precious?  Baby animals, no matter their species, make wonderful photography subjects.  Especially when a mother’s love is so obvious.

You thought those greyhounds above looked fast?  I’m not sure this mouse will get away with the stolen kitty kibble!  And just check out the look on the cat’s face.  Can you say intent?

This trio of owls in a Pacific Northwest forest is the epitome of wild beauty.  Just imagine coming upon this scene while walking through the woods.

Yikes!  Another example of perfect photographer timing.  What a lucky killer whale…. fast food!

It must be getting closer to spring!  Little lamb jumps for joy, thinking about fresh clover and a warm sunny spot to rest later.

I’m not sure if this last image was photoshopped or not (my guess is “yes”).  Either way, the artistry of this photograph is incredible.  Here’s your chance to use the words “frog” and “beautiful” in the same sentence…