The top Animal Geniuses

Can animals think, reason, or learn new concepts?

Many scientists are still researching on this question. In the course of their research, some animals have shown that they have superior intelligence compared to other members of the animal kingdom (excluding human beings). You will be surprised that even the  pig is an intelligent animal. find out below why the following animals outrank others.


Why they are intelligent: they can make and use tools for hunting, capable of problem solving, learn sign language.



Why they are intelligent: effective use of tools, advanced cognitive skills.


Bottle nose dolphins

Why they are intelligent:Ability to Discriminate, match, numerical ability, monitors behavior, and learn Acoustic mimicry.



Why they are intelligent: Excellent memory, follow command, show empathy, social intelligence, ability to communicate.



Why they are intelligent: a high sense of awareness, ability to communicate, ability to use tools.



Why they are intelligent: ability to solve problems, they have shown evidence of both short term and long-term memory.


African grey parrot

Why they are intelligent: sociable, learn easily (they are capable of learning human words and sounds easily)



Why they are intelligent: Easy to train, adapt to their environment easily.



Why they are intelligent: They can recognize thousand of images; they easily learn how to perform sequences of movements.



Why they are intelligent: High ability to learn well developed sense of smell (through smell, rats can detect mines and diseases like tuberculosis)