Mangalica: Sheep or Pig?

Photos of this adorable sheep-pig creature are proving to be a hit online lately. Looks like the internet is simply falling in love with the curly-haired pigs!

Mangalica is a Hungarian breed a domestic pig. They are also known as “sheep pigs” because of their woolly, fuzzy, curly, sheep-like coats.

So if you thought regular pigs and sheeps were adorable, just look at these fluffy guys! Enjoy!

Mangalica: Sheep or Pig? | Animals Zone
Just look at these fluffy guys! | Animals Zone
Adorable Mangalica | Animals Zone
Mangalica, the Hungarian breed a domestic pig | Animals Zone

Mangalica, curly-haired pigs | Animals Zone
Mangalica | Animals Zone
Mangalica, also known as a "sheep pig" | Animals Zone
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