The first time you lay eyes on them, you might actually think that your eyes is playing tricks on you. There sheer small size, is almost surreal, and yet they are very normal and live a full and comfortable life, just like other animals, and definitely, you won’t find them complaining due to their size. These animals are a true manifest of the extremes of nature. Just have a look below;

1.     Panda Cows

Panda cows are a result of cross-breeding among miniature cows. These cows are so few that it is estimated that there are only about 24 of them in the entire world!


2.  Fennec Foxes

The Fennec foxes lives in the desert and ways a partly 3lb. one distinguishing feature of this fox is its gigantic ears.


3.   Micro-Pigs

It’s not common to find people keeping pigs as pets of for fun, but the micro-pig is an exception to this rule, they are so small, and adorable creatures and can be trained to effectively use litter boxes.


4.   The Philippine Tarsiers

One distinguishing feature of the Tarsiers is there small size and big bulging eyes


5.   The bee humming birds

Found in the Island of Cuba, the bee humming birds are the smallest birds in the world. The birds have a total mass of just 5 grams and is only 5cm long!


6.   Miniature Horses

Miniature horses are found mainly in Europe, and the Americas. These horses occur as a result of genetic disorders, and many of them are intentional prevented from breeding.


7.   The pygmy goats

You will be forgiven to think that they are kids the first time you lay eyes on them. Despite their small size, they grow to full maturity and reproduce just like all other goats.

8.   Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman

The Cuvier’s dwarf caiman is found in the South American countries of Bolivia, and Colombia. This reptile resembles the crocodile


9.   Pygmy Marmosets

The pygmy marmoset is the smallest monkey in the world.  They are found in the Island of Madagascar

10.     Barbados Thread Snakes

The Barbados thread snake is the smallest species of snake in the world. To the untrained eye, the snake looks like a worm.