Scary animals often give people the creeps. Some animals are scary while the rest are cute. But what happens when cute animals get mixed up in a scary blog post? We asked all these big eyed animals to give us their most badass staredowns. And they did. Well….atleast they tried their best. Here is a funny spin on some of the most scariest (read: cutest!) animals saying it like they mean it.

A little birdy told us these scary’ animals have been inspired by few famous movie quotes and smart one liners. Before you go about identifying them, here’s a hint: The cat is a Morpheus (The Matrix) fan.


Big dog eyes

This Is The Last Time I’m Gonna Ask You – I Can Has Some Cheezburger Already?

Pissed Cat

Do You Think That’s Air You’re Breathing Now?



Scary Crocodile Stare

If You Only Knew The Power Of The Dark Side.

Hawk Intimidating stare

You Got To Ask Yourself One Question, “Do I Feel Lucky?”, Well Do Ya Punk?

Frightening owl eyes

I Came Here To Chew Bubblegum And Kick Ass…..and I’m All Outta Bubblegum

Snake eye scary

I Can’t Promise It, But I’ll Try To Not Enjoy Killing You.

angry camel face

You Ever Disrespect Me In A Dream, You Better Wake Up And Apologize.

Mean look Cheetah

Meat’s Meat, And A Cheetah’s Gotta Eat.

Creepy frog face

You Wanna Know What Happens To An Eyeball When It Gets Slimed?

Scary animals Gorilla

You And I. We Have Unfinished Business.


We hope these cute but scary animals did manage to make you laugh!  Think  you can come up with a better one-liners for them ? Write them below in the comments and share away !


Cheezburger Dog, Morpheus Cat, Staring Crocodile, Scary Hawk, Badass Owl, Green Snake, Mean Camel, Hungry Cheetah, Slimy Frog,   Gorilla: Biggest Scary animals