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Meet PuiPui! This bunny is so stylish and looks simply flawless in all of his costumes. His owner is very creative and makes these incredible outfits! We hope you enjoy these amazing photos of PuiPui from Tokyo, Japan. * SHERLOCK BUNNY? ???????????( •? .? •? )? * * #sherlockholmes #sherlockbunny ???? ???????????? mumitan (@mumitan) Apr… Read More

Andrius Burba combined his two passions — cats and photography — into an amazing photo series created at the International Cat Show of Vilnius, Lithuania. But instead of capturing cats in traditional poses, Burba reveals them from a new perspective! In his Under-Cats project, Burba had fun photographing cats from below through a glass plate. One… Read More

Have You ever tried to take selfies with your pets? Then you surely know how difficult it is to make them sit still while you are trying to take your perfect photo. Can you imagine trying to do the same thing with exotic wild animals? This guy mastered the art of animal selfies! Traveller and… Read More

Wouldn’t you love to make this Christmas time even merrier? Then join the holiday fun and check out these adorable photos of festive animals and their Christmas excitement! Share these cute creatures with your friends and family! SEE ALSO: Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Dogs and Cats this Christmas @jonsnowtheeskimo @erosthebeaglepup @vanillalovely @cooperthebeaglier @melmabelle @bentleythegroodle Do… Read More

Was there ever a more hilarious combination than dogs and water? As we all know dogs share very mixed feelings towards taking a bath. One thing is for sure though – whether they love it or hate it, puppies of all kinds have their funniest moments while taking a bath! Enjoy and share these wet… Read More

What could possibly be cuter than a dog in a Halloween costume? These spooky pooches are all ready for the festivities. Let us know which one is your favorite. Do you need more inspiration for Halloween this year? We’ve recently published an article with some of the Most Hilarious Dog Costume Ideas! SEE ALSO: 19… in Animals Pictures, Funny Animals, Pet Animals   , , , , ,
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Bathing isn’t the favorite activity of most of our furry friends. You haven’t even said the words “bath” yet, and your dog somehow seems to know something unpleasant is coming. Most dogs would rather skip bath time, but for some pups it is a joyous, fun-filled time and they love playing in the bubbles! Take a look… in Animals Pictures, Funny Animals, Pet Animals   , , , ,
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Dog park, beach walk, hike? Most of the dogs love a good adventure. That’s why they love car rides.! It’s like: “So where are we going today?” Dogs are always happy to be close to their “pack”. No one is running away or disappearing out the door. A dog can see the owner and be… in Animals Pictures, Funny Animals, Pet Animals   , , , ,
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Each spring people throughout the world celebrate Easter. Colored eggs, bunny ears! It’s so fun to see how many dogs, cats and even hamsters are willing to cooperate with their owners for these awesome shots! Take a look at some of the most adorable animals celebrating Easter on Instagram, and don’t forget to share your photos… in Animals Pictures, Funny Animals, Pet Animals   , , , , , ,
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