Was there ever a more hilarious combination than dogs and water? As we all know dogs share very mixed feelings towards taking a bath. One thing is for sure though – whether they love it or hate it, puppies of all kinds have their funniest moments while taking a bath!

15 Cute and Hilarious Photos Capture Dog Emotions at Bath Time (PART 2) | Animals Zone

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Bath Time! | Animals Zone@vanessabone01

#yorkie | Animals Zone@_tedthedog

Adorable! | Animals Zone@stealtheworlddotcom

What a cutie! | Animals Zone@megrose83

Wet doggy | Animals Zone@charlaboyett

Love having a company :) | Animals Zone@summergoldendoodle

Bath time! Yey! | Animals Zone


Wet pawfriends | Animals Zone@jmslove0z

Toffee loves getting baths | Animals Zone@il_leopardo

Lovely Sunday bath | Animals Zone@beandribee

Those eyes! | Animals Zone@skrilby

I've been shampoodled | Animals Zone@beausybear

Cutie! | Animals Zone@malmal1985

Why oh whyyyy do u do this to me | Animals Zone@4perfectpoms

Scrub a' dub pug | Animals Zone@roccopugzworld

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