Bathing isn’t the favorite activity of most of our furry friends. You haven’t even said the words “bath” yet, and your dog somehow seems to know something unpleasant is coming.

Most dogs would rather skip bath time, but for some pups it is a joyous, fun-filled time and they love playing in the bubbles!

Bath Time | Animals Zone

Take a look at this funny photo compilation! It showcases perfectly the different doggie emotions while in the middle of their baths. Can you guess if they enjoy it or not? 🙂

Bath time for these adorable buddies | Animals Zone@the_blueboys

Cute and Hilarious Photos Capture Dog Emotions at Bath Time | Animals Zone@hiedereher

Why must you do this to me? Do I stink that bad? | Animals Zone@cinnymahan

Mom made me take my first bath this morning, not sure how I feel | Animals Zone@dixiedatfrenchie

Hi there friends! | Animals Zone@yumag88

What a cutie! | Animals Zone@theo_thedog1

Love the hairstyle! Lol | Animals Zone@sina.ronaghi

Awww! This wet dog looks so happy! | Animals Zone@odieseyes

Charlie and the ducks | Animals Zone@iggycharlie

Sunday Bath | Animals Zone@elvisgirlforever

Bath time for Barrie | Animals Zone@barrie_and_bettie

The happiest pup! | Animals Zone@garlickyoniongingeryspice

Bathtub time is so hard when you're as beautiful as Star | Animals Zone@annaliessekelly

Bathing Cuties! | Animals Zone@babymilothecorgi

Hilarious Photos Capture Dog Emotions at Bath Time | Animals Zone@tuskthedog

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