Animals are remarkable athletes! Their athletic skills and abilities are far superior than those of humans. Keeping this in in mind, we decided to host Animal Olympics this year! The competition was intense and neck-to-neck. Here is the ultimate list of the Champions of the Animal Kingdom.

1. Cheetah – The fastest land animal on earth.

Although this wild cat is comparatively small in size, it can easily outrun any land animal.  A cheetah can reach speeds up to 75  miles per hour! The fastest speed clocked by a human, Usain Bolt is a measly 27.45 mph.


Cheetah - Fastest running champion Animal Olympics


2. Sailfish – The fastest swimmer in the world.

The most noticeable features of a sailfish are the elongated bill and a colorful sail(erectile dorsal fin). However, many people don’t know that this majestic creature is capable of reaching speeds up to 70 miles per hour!


Sailfish - Fastest Swimming Champion Animal Olympics


3. Rhinoceros Beetle – Weight Lifting.

This beetle is the superman of the animal kingdom. This insect can carry up to 850 times their own body weight. A human with such strength will be able to lift an object weighing 60 tons!

Rhinoceros Beetle - Weight lifting champion Animal Olympics



4. Rocket frog – Long Jump.

Don’t get fooled by its plain looks. This amphibian can jump upto 4 meters away from the ground. That’s 100 times its body length!


Rocket Frog - Long jump winner Animal Olympics


 5.  Gymnastics – Golden Wheel Spider.

This arachnid, also known as the dancing white lady spider, performs cartwheels like a true gymnast!  The Golden Wheel spider can roll  down the sand dunes of deserts by performing a “cartwheel” using all its 8 legs.


Golden wheel - gymnastics gold Animal Olympics


6. Spittlebug – High Jump

Also known as the froghopper, this insect can jump up to 28 inches high. A human with a similar ability will be able to jump to a  210-meter-tall building!



7.  Sperm whale – Diving

This beautiful mammal can dive up to a mile below the sea level!  Its breathing and blood-circulation systems are so well developed that they can swim in the deep ocean for an hour without having to come up for oxygen.


Sperm whale - Diving gold winner Animal Olympics

8.  River Otter- Luging.

Luging may be an extreme sport for humans. But believe it or not, playful River Otters  have been caught sliding in mud and ice chutes, just for the fun of it! This cute creature is often found near riverbanks.




9.  Sooty Shearwater – Marathon

This impressive bird travels a distance of nearly 40,000 miles in a year! Sooty Schearwaters are migratory birds who come down to land only for  mating and finding food.


Sooty Shearwater - Marathon champion Animal Olympics


10. Wildebeest – Triathlon

These beasts travel 1600 km, tackle crocodiles + strong water currents in rivers and survive  the claws of hungry predators waiting for their arrival on other side! They truly are the champions of triathlon in the animal kingdom.

Wildebeest Triathlon gold winner Animal Olympics




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