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African Elephants Biggest herbivore

Which is the biggest living creature on earth? It is a question that has dazzled man since the early ages. People often wonder about the Earth’s biggest fish, herbivore, cat, bird, reptile etc. Do you know that the Earth’s biggest water animal is not a fish or that the World’s biggest bird cannot fly? Read… Read More

zebra black stripes

Our Earth is home to an amazing variety of fascinating creatures. We frequently forget the fact that we live in the midst of fascinating animals. Here is an interesting Fact: Did you know that cows from different countries ‘moo’ in different accents? Read below to know about more such little known but amazing animal facts…. Read More

These amazing pictures show a man stroking frenzied tiger sharks as they savagely rip apart a dead whale he is standing on. Leon Deschamps, 32, wants to dispel ‘myth’ the animals are blood thirsty killing machines and put his own life at risk to prove it.Photographs show Leon’s hands and feet just millimetres from the… Read More