2012 was undoubtedly the year of memes. And animals! Every year is an animal year! So we decided to get you the best of both worlds. Let me tell you, we dug deep. And we are talking about serious digging, the kind that can find a bone hidden by the biggest great dane in the world ( rememeber Giant George?) in minutes!

We found them. Presenting the best animal memes of the internet. If you do no fall off your chair laughing, we’ll send the trio of the official hogwarts dance team at your doorstep ūüėČ

1. Experienced Cat Bros

cat memes laser

2. Technologically Impaired Duck

Technologically redundant duck app store meme

3. Ridiculously Photogenic Horse

ridiculously photogenic horse meme

4. Yao Ming’s Dog is carefree

You Fetch it dog meme

5. Day 25, they still don’t suspect anything

Suspicionless sheep wolf

6. Tantrum cat throwing tantrum

Angry Cat Meme What Do You Mean We re Getting A Dog

7.  To get him a rice ball

Slow Loris Wants YOU

8. Oh, You! Dog

you are lucky youre cute

9. Q: Why should we hire you?

koalifications meme animals zone

10. Found Captain Ginyu from Dragon Ball Z

just waiting for the bus cause my car got toad sitting frog

11. Nein Nein Nein!!!

i can has poland hitler cat meme

12. Condescending Wonka Dog

sled dog meme

13. ¬†So Gandalf’s grey again..

horse waiting window meme

14. Fabulous Panda

haters gonna hate panda meme

15. It’s so fluffy I wanna die!

fierry cute puppy meme

16. You don’t know it yet, but..

expression dog meme

17.  Muahahahahaha!!!

Evil Plotting Bear Meme

18. Wazzaaaaa!!!!!!!


dog meme hyper awake hyper asleep

19.  And you thought they were cold blooded.

compassionate shark bros meme

20. “Darth Grumpy”

Dark side cat


Oh it was good. I can feel you feel it! Animal memes like these do not come together often. Now that we’ve got these 20 memes here, spread them away! You may also ‘Like’ us on facebook to get daily updates.


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