Animal reactions GIFs are always fun to watch. More so when they tell a funny story!
If you’re an avid lover of animals and reaction gifs on reddit and other websites, you’re gonna love this post!

Had a bad weekend? Or are you getting the Monday blues? No matter how old you are, you will get reminded of your childhood memories of mindless fun!  Check out this Tumblr style article that’ll cheer you up even if you’re this guy!


1. Those days when you wake up terribly hungry

cute animal gif with sleepy puppy eyes

2. Looking for something to fill your stomach with

chameleon likes drinking tap water

3. Until you realize that you finished all your food last night

cute munching

4. It’s not like you enjoy grocery shopping

hedgehog shops in a hedgehog store

5. Unless! You remember that your roommate..

cute kitten being adorable

6. Hides his food from you

cat falls off window

7. In the weirdest of places..

cat searching in guitar

8. You reach the point where you’ll do almost anything for food!!

kitty giving massage to a cat

9. And once you find the location..

hedgehog searching for its soul

10. The animal instinct takes over

cat and dog on love

11. Till you’re so full that you should walk away

hedgehog is not hungry today

12. But you don’t

Cat regrets nothing

13. Now you can’t walk

baby elephant falls on mud

14. Or sit down

tired panda after gluttony

15. Or even stand anymore

fox falls gracefully not

16. So you go back to bed, coz tomorrow is another day!

cuddle kitty sleeping with real teddy bear

Haha we told you that you’d get reminded of those golden childhood days. Were these animal gifs cute of WERE these ANIMAL GIFS CUTE!!! What did you think out it? Let us know! Comment below and find us on Facebook for animal lovers  and Twitter.