Mankind friendship with the dog is now approximately 15,000 years. It is a friendship that has withstood the test of time, and one that is not about to die anytime soon.  A review of some of the reason clearly explains why the Dog is Man’s best friend or is it Man’s only friend?

Great companion

As a great companion, it will never disturb your peace-they do not talk or complain!



The loyalty of a dog is never in question, a dog will readily follow you anywhere even to the moon without asking any question. Your work does not care whether you are a C.E.O of a company or a homeless person. It’s always happy to see you.


Great working relationship

Man has cultivated a great working relationship with the dog whether in the farm, rescue operation, military operation or security, the dog will always give 100%


Great playmate

Dogs when well trained are the perfect playmate. They perfectly blend with children if well trained.

Ties that bind

Friendship with the dog lasts for a lifetime. The story of Hachik?, a Japanese Akita dog that waited for its master everyday at the train station even after the death of its owner is a perfect example of ties that bind. This story was immortalized in a movie Hachi: A Dog’s tale released in 2009, and acted by Richard Gere.


Great exercise partner

Dogs are perfect for jogging and running, it is a perfect pacemaker and will always run or walk with your pace as you gradually grow stamina


Strives to please you

The dog is the only animal that strives to please the owner. Its sweet, isn’t it?