The Sphynx, is a cat race characterised for being hairless, result of a natural genetic mutation. Their nudism is due to a hereditary recessive gene. So, they are the special cat without hair.

It is not very known, but the morphologic similarity makes you think it’s the result of a similar mutation like the Devon Rex.

This mutation appeared for the first time in Canada in 1964. There are not many breeders of this race due to its rarity, there is only a few hundred of Sphynx Cats worldwide. Due to this it is very complicated to find subjects, because the gene that determines the hair absence is recessive. This makes this race of cat without hair of the priciest ones.

The Sphynx has a sweet tooth and a very good appetite, its diet needs to be rich in calories and protein, they need this to maintain their body temperature.

These cats, due to their first impacting looks are very intelligent, active, sociable and affectionate. It is a very good and loyal company pet, it doesn’t stand life alone, loves warm places and sunbathing. They are notably more social than the other cat races.

Baths are necessary, due to its lack of hair, its greasy skin soils with dirt. Once a week bath is advisable.

Due to its peculiarity, it must live in warm and dry places, although thanks to its subcutaneous fat layer its not completely defenceless against the elements. After all, a cat without hair also needs a warm place to be!

To compensate the continuous dispersion of heat due to its lack of hair it has a surface temperature higher than normal. It is also prone to sunburn due to lack of natural skin protection!

Sphynx cats aren’t hypoallergenic, however, as they leave no hair on furniture or clothing, they tend to be more hygienic, and therefore less annoying to mild allergic owners.


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