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If you thought that laughter, is a given right to Human beings alone, then you need to think again. Animals too, do not mind a tickle when a situation demands so. Many species have demonstrated vocalization resembling human laughter. Scientist believe that the laughter existed in other animals long before, we human started cracking up…. Read More

From personal phobias to film induced fears, there are lots of innocent animals that live under a giant “BEWARE” neon signal in our minds. We have prepared a list that will give you goosebumps on this wicked night. “I’m not afraid of X animal” you might think… how wrong are you! Our evil minds have… Read More

Jim Schrier has been a USDA (United States Department Of Agriculture) meat inspector for the last 29 years near his home, in Columbus Junction, Iowa. He has seen lots, had to endure lots and has silently followed all slaughterhouse guidelines as required by law. When he saw the conditions that pigs in the Tyson Foods… Read More

Panda's legendary tale

Perhaps the most important aspects of  2012 was that the internet bowed down to the might of animals. Cat and dog pictures have taken over major institutions of internet like Reddit, YouTube, Facebook etc. You can’t escape these adorable creatures. No, really. As we bid adieu to the eventful year that was 2012, here are the top… Read More

The Wildebeest The Wildebeest migration is perhaps the most captivating.  In this journey for search of green pasture and water they are joined by over half a million gazelles, and about two hundred thousand zebras. The most captivating part of their migration is when they cross River Mara, in East Africa where they are awaited… Read More

African Elephants Biggest herbivore

Which is the biggest living creature on earth? It is a question that has dazzled man since the early ages. People often wonder about the Earth’s biggest fish, herbivore, cat, bird, reptile etc. Do you know that the Earth’s biggest water animal is not a fish or that the World’s biggest bird cannot fly? Read… Read More

zebra black stripes

Our Earth is home to an amazing variety of fascinating creatures. We frequently forget the fact that we live in the midst of fascinating animals. Here is an interesting Fact: Did you know that cows from different countries ‘moo’ in different accents? Read below to know about more such little known but amazing animal facts…. Read More

Can animals think, reason, or learn new concepts? Many scientists are still researching on this question. In the course of their research, some animals have shown that they have superior intelligence compared to other members of the animal kingdom (excluding human beings). You will be surprised that even the  pig is an intelligent animal. find… Read More