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Jim Schrier has been a USDA (United States Department Of Agriculture) meat inspector for the last 29 years near his home, in Columbus Junction, Iowa. He has seen lots, had to endure lots and has silently followed all slaughterhouse guidelines as required by law.

When he saw the conditions that pigs in the Tyson Foods slaughter plant were suffering he raised some concerns to his supervisors: pigs were being kicked and thrashed violently, a clear violation of federal regulations (which state that pigs, as any other animal subject to slaughter, has to be completely unconscious and devoid of feeling pain.)

His supervisors ignored it, and didn’t support him when he tried to enforce the federal law. And after Jim blew the whistle on this particular slaughter plant, he was relocated (as retaliation) to another facility, 120 miles away. Now the USDA has decided to reassign him to another state, forcing him to relocate his family and lose his friends and home.


Dead Pig Slaughter

Dead Pig

He’s not the only inspector at that plant, but seeing what Jim had to endure have made them quiet. Nobody wants to be sent away like this, but no-one deserves this for being honest on their jobs.

You can help him (and his family, fellow workers and all those suffering pigs) by signing a petition in change.org