Lions are common symbols of strength, power, ferocity and stateliness, hence the phrase ‘king of the jungle’. 1. Known as the most social of all big cats, lions live together in groups, called prides. A pride consists of about 15 individuals: three males, a dozen related females, and their cubs. 2. Males and females take… Read More


Priscilla is one of the fanciest piglets on the Internet! This fashionista has over 250K followers on Instagram and surprises her fans with some amazing outfits. Priscilla lives in Florida with her little brother Poppleton. This two are so cute, aren’t they? Their owner, Melissa Nicholson, is the 1st grade teacher. So together with her… Read More


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Here’s a story of one rescue cat that has become a superstar on Instagram. The 27-year-old from Los Angeles adopted a kitten from a shelter. Varisiri Mathachittiphan – nicknamed Pookie – created an Instagram profile to share her photos with family and friends. Today Nala is possibly the only cat with over 1.3 million Instagram… Read More


According to household pet data from market research firm Euromonitor, there are cat states and dog states. This colorful map from the Washington Post shows some interesting regional differences. Take a look and find out whether your state has more cats or dogs. Top 5 Dog States Arkansas Dogs  - 1.1 million Cats   - 0.8 million… Read More


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