Get ready to get your daily dose of ‘Aww’ emotions, because today we’ve gathered some of the most adorable baby animal photos that are too cute for words.

Baby Octopus
Octopus has three hearts. The color of its blood is blue. A baby octopus can be as small as your fingertip.


Baby Giraffe
Newborn giraffes are usually taller than most humans. After only 10 hours these babies can actually run alongside their family.


Baby Dolphin
The calf is very dependent on its mother. Young dolphins stay with their mothers 3 to 6 years before the young calf can take of itself.


Baby Wolf
Just like baby dogs, wolf babies are called puppies. Wolf pups are born completely blind and deaf but with a strong sense of smell.


Baby Panda
Newborn panda bears weigh only 3 to 5 oz. By the age of 2 panda babies leave their mothers and begin their lives on their own.


Baby Antelope
Baby antelope is an easy target for hunters, so mother keeps it on the secret location until it becomes stronger.


Baby Hedgehogs
Baby hedgehogs are born blind and their spines are soft.


A mother sheep can recognize her lamb by its call (bleat) when they walk too far away.


Baby Orangutan
Orangutan babies nurse until they are about 6 years of age. Just like humans, baby orangutans cry, whimper and even smile at their mothers.


Baby Seal
A mother seal can distinguish her baby from hundreds of others by scent alone.


Baby Sloth
The female sloth gives birth to a single baby sloth. It will attach itself to the mother for up to nine months. Baby sloths really like to hug, nuzzle and cuddle.


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