All cat lovers will probably agree that sometimes cats find the weirdest places to take a nap. This time we decided to share with you some of the funniest photos of cats sleeping in the most awkward positions and places. So take a break and go through these hilarious pictures!

cat-sleeping-at-the-basin kitte-n-a-a-shoe kitten-sleeping-in-a-flowerpot cat-sleeping-between-chairs cat-sleeping-in-a-weirdest-spot cat-sleeping 2-kittens-sleeping kitten-sleeping-in-a-herb-garden cat-sleeping-in-the-box cat-among-the-shoes kitten-slipping kitten-sleeping-on-a laptop
sleeping-cat cat-sleeping-in-a-bookstore kitten-sleeping-on-a-tv cat-sleeping-in-a-box cat-sleeping-weird-place cat-sleeping-in-a-hat sleeping-kittens kitten-sleeping-on-a-piano comfy-sleeping-cat

If you feel like your furry friend haven’t found that comfortable spot yet, we suggest you to look at this awesome Cat Tree. It’s a great piece for cat games and activities, but also a nice spot for a peaceful nap. There’re plenty of types and sizes. Just check them out to find the perfect one for your cat!


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