National animals are cultural symbols of the country they represent. Every country has it’s own national animal that represents the ideals of its population. Sometimes this leads to very interesting situations. For example, the national animal of Scotland is actually a fictitious creature – The unicorn!

Remember the movie Kung-Fu Panda? Yup, that’s China’s national animal. Which animal do you picture of when I mention Spain? If you thought of a bull, guess hit the jackpot! Similarly, Australia’s animal is the red kangaroo while India’s national animal is the Bengal tiger. We present to you photographic list of the national animals of 16 countries. Enjoy!

National Animal of United States – The Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle USA National Animal

National Animal of India – The Royal Bengal Tiger

Royal Bengal Tiger India National Animal

National Animal of Canada – The Beaver

Beaver Canada National Animal

National Animal of Scotland – The Unicorn

Unicorn National Animal of Scotland

National Animal of Australia – The Red Kangaroo

National Animal of Australia Red Kangaroo

National Animal of Russia – The Russian Brown Bear

Brown Bear Russia National Animal

National Animal of Germany – The Black Eagle

Black Eagle Germany National Animal

National Animal of Brazil – The Jaguar

National Animal of Brazil Jaguar

National Animal of Indonesia – The Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon Indonesia National Animal

National Animal of United Kingdom – The Lion

Lion Great Britan National Animal

National Animal of Spain – The Bull

National Animal of Spain Bull

National Animal of Italy – The Italian Wolf

Italian National Animal Wolf

National Animal of Philippines – The Carabao

National Animal of Philippines Carabao

National Animal of Mexico – The Xoloitzcuintle

Xoloitzcuintli National Animal of Mexico

National Animal of Turkey – The Grey Wolf

National Animal Turkey Grey wolf

National Animal of China – The Giant Panda

Giant Panda China National Animal

As you can see, more often than not, the national animal itself becomes the face of a country’s wildlife. This is why all nations take extra measures in conserving and protecting  their national animal. Did your country’s national animal get listed here? If not, send us a comment and we’ll add it here!

USA, National animal of India, Canada, Scotland, Australia, Russia, Germany, Brazil,
Indonesia, UK, Spain, Italy, Philippines, Mexico, Turkey, China

  • Jj

    The xoloitzcuintle isn’t Mexico’s national animal

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  • suresh

    really wondered with this
    “National Animal of Germany – The Black Eagle”

    The Black Eagle comes in Birds class

  • grace

    the unicorn for Scotland!!?? that’s freakin’ amazing! i’m moving to Scotland!!!

  • Becky_McEwan

    then what is?i need to know i’m doing a school project
    on Mexico

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    birds are categorized under animals only

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    I live in Scotland

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    awesome and cute and freaky and informative and etc…………………………!

  • someone

    im mexican and yes it is

  • Someone 2

    I’m mexican too, and no, it is not. It’s the national dog, we also have the Jaguar as the national mammal and the Golden Eagle as national bird, and 2 other animals that I leave you as a homework. I would say the Golden Eagle is the national bird since it’s on our flag 🙂

  • Turbulent

    I’m pretty sure that the national animal of Mexico is the Golden Eagle.

  • brianna

    what about Japan and France?

  • Kate

    Japan is a pheasant and France is a rooster

  • veronica Aguilar

    you should consider the animal national that it is from of Guatemala is Quetzal is the bird most beautifull in the word and the most fast.

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    Thanks for the info! <3

  • Panda

    There is no Lion in UK, that’s a fake national animal, UK the white thieves.

  • SwuxN

    The reason turkish animal is Wolf its because in turkish mythology its believed to first turk is born from a white wolf named asena