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Meet Tuna the Chihuahua-Dachshund mix. He is not an ordinary 4 year-old Chiweenie dog – Tuna is a real Internet celebrity!

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This adorable puppy was rescued from the side of a road near San Diego. Courtney Dasher met this little puppy at a local Farmer’s Market where he was being shown for adoption. After spending a week with Tuna, she made the decision to adopt him because she knew that he was special.

Tuna, one-of-a-kind Chiweenie | Animals Zone

‘The common responses that I initially received about Tuna—and still get today—are that he’s “ugly.” That’s usually the first thing most people feel the need to say about him because they judge him by his looks, but if they knew his heart, they would find him to be so beautiful,’ she told Darling Magazine in January.

By sharing photos of her beloved unique-looking Chiweenie on Instagram, Courtney gave the whole world the opportunity to fall in love with this little dog the way she had.

Tuna and his owner | Animals Zone

Now Tuna has his own website and Instagram account with over 1 million followers. Tuna’s unusual appearance and priceless facial expressions, captured by his owner, are the secret of his irresistible charm!

Tuna, The Chiweenie Elf | Animals Zone #tunameltsmyheart | Animals Zone
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Photos via Tuna’s Instagram