Trying to keep your house clean, but still find those balls of pet fur everywhere? Being a pet owner is such a joy! But it can also bring a lot of stress!

A couple weeks ago we published an article, featuring some Tips & Tricks for Removing Pet Hair. And today we are glad to announce a new Giveaway on Animals-Zone partnering with SwiPets Company.

SwiPets Pet Hair Removal Glove

SwiPets was created by animal lover Donna Meté, who shares her home with three cats and one dog. Tired of the endless pet hair battle, she took it upon herself to find a solution, and two years later, the SwiPets glove was released!

We believe pet owners ought to be spending their time enjoying their pets, and not cleaning-up after them!


SwiPets is a specially designed glove with a ‘sticky’ coating that effortlessly removes pet hair from furniture, fabric and hard to reach places like cracks, crevices and divots with a simple swipe of your hand. It easily removes hair left behind by cats, and medium and long-haired dogs.

The unique combination of a tacky, electrostatic charge makes the SwiPets glove a powerful tool to pick-up pet hair even when it’s invisible!

When the glove becomes dirty, you can place it in the washer and use it over and over again!

How to purchase it!

If you are interested in trying SwiPets glove, visit to get started!

And the good news: You can win a Double-Pack of SwiPets Pet Hair Cleaning Glove! It comes with 2 gloves per box. Washable and reusable. One size fits all.

Win a Double-Pack of SwiPets Pet Hair Cleaning Glove!

Want to win a FREE Double-Pack of SwiPets Pet Hair Cleaning Glove?


This giveaway ends on Friday, July 10. It is open to US residents age 18 and older.

Enter using the Rafflecopter form. And good luck!

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