Amazing big cats

Lion, king of the jungle, in fact don’t live in the jungle!Lions live an average of 10 to 14 years.In addition to various other beasts, and these animals have lived in diferent regions. Lion has lived in Greece, Albania, Macedonia and southern parts of Serbia and Bulgaria.Today, the lion is connected with Africa, and only there he live and exist.

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  • John Cook

    Could my extra large tabby compete with lions as a predator? You bet! Not in the same environment of course as lions often live in the savanna. But my 18 pound tabby, and most house cats are the prime predators of all. House cats can make a healthy living as obligate carnivores preying on around 1000 available species. They can do this in only a few hours a day as ambush predators. The rest of the time, they devote to mating, playing, and of course, sleep. Also, our little cats can go from sleep to fully awake faster than any other animal: 1/3 of a second! Amazing critters we have for pets.