For all the amazing and beautiful creations nature provides us with there are always going to be the less attractive of specimens, that’s fine because that’s how nature intended them. Well, these examples are certainly not how nature intended them. Proof that even nature can get it wrong!

1 – Cyclops Kitten!

Snug as a bug in a rug, peaceful yet… menacing!

2 – Cyclops Pig

I don’t know where to start with this, i think its a pig…

3 – Two Headed Piglet

Rudy the 2 headed piglet

4 – Four Legged Chicken

Four legged chicken? erm… no thanks

5 – Six Legged Deer

Frankenstein Bambi?

6 – Two Headed Turtle

Hopefully that is a two headed turtle, if not it must be very tight in there!

7 – Two Headed Snake

Being a mutants not always bad, this snake sold for a pile of cash!

8 – Cat With Four Ears

Just try sneaking up on this cat!

9 – Seven Legged Lamb

Almost an octo-lamb

10 – Two Headed Kitten

Would you trust this 2 faced kitten?