Tigers And Pigs Nurture

This is probably one of the most touching scenes that defies the law of nature where tigers and pigs are being nurtured by each other and vice versa. Imprinting the early childhood experience could well make their relationships long lasting but it would be difficult to judge when the natural instinct of the tiger may take over.

The first part shows abandoned tiger cubs nursed by a pig at the zoo in China. They are most probably to be separated once their milk dependency on the sow is depleted. The cubs were rejected by their mother and the cubs rejected bottle feeding therefore the zoo caretakers took to the resort of adopting them to a sow which accepts her three new sons.

For the second part, there has been a collection of photos of the touching Sai Mai the tigress and her six piglets at a zoo in Thailand but this video footage shows even deeper of their bond. The reason why Sai Mai readily accepted the piglets as family was because it suckled as a cub from a sow and grew up with a litter of piglets.