Dave Meinert didn’t know how long his puppy had to live so he filmed her every day.

This guy made a beautiful film of his dog Pegasus as she grew up | Animals Zone
Dave is a film-maker from South Africa. He rescued Pegasus from backyard breeders when she was a puppy. She was born with a severe lack of pigment.

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Meet Pegasus | Animals Zone
“I was told that if she lived, she’d go deaf and blind”.

Pegasus, adorable Great Dane puppy | Animals Zone
Meinert decided not to focus on the negative and was looking for a way to document her good days and celebrate them.

“This record of Pegasus’s life became something very personal as it grew.”

Pegasus gets sick often, but she’s always happy.
Pegasus, one happy puppy | Animals Zone
Sadly, Meinert and Pegasus don’t live together any more. I one of the latest updates, he writes:

“Subsequent to making the video, I had to travel a lot, and struggled with keeping her where I was living. A saviour stepped in and helped look after Pegs while I tried to make a plan and she moved back and forth, which was disruptive for her.”

He didn't know how long his puppy had to live so he filmed her every day | Animals Zone
“It was obvious that her new set up with incredible love, a bigger garden and a new best friend in Luna, another great dane was more than I could offer. I am lucky that I get to visit and take her for short periods, and maybe that’s why in my heart she’s still with me.”

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