The mere sight of an Owl is enough to send shivers down the spine of many peoples. This fear is not built on any concrete evidence. It is fear that has been passed down generations through myths and tales. Some Hollywood movies have only worked to increase the stereotype on these lovely birds. But have you ever imagined that Owls are among the most beautiful birds?

The following picture will definitely change your perception on Owls, they are Beautiful…..


Just have a look at those glowing eyes…

Mom and baby…probably waiting for daddy to come home

Aren’t those  eyes just lovely?……

Beautify in all its definition….. Just have a look at that face..

Just asking, it that a moustache…amazing isn’t it?

Well, talk about a beautiful pose and here you have one….

Looking so innocent and beautiful…

Owls are beautiful birds, you need not be afraid of them anymore….seeing them should bring a smile on your face not a frown definitely.