We Love Kittens!! (Edition 1)

We are KITTEN LOVERS. These small furry balls steal our heart at every moment. Then they grow and look at you like you are just the feed machine, and they are the rulers of the house. And they are, don’t get us wrong. Oh master cat, we salute you.

But who could not love such a small and flurry animal like the cutie below?

Of course, young cats are curious and like windows. Maybe this explains why the kitten below is fighting with a Linux penguin?


Curious curious… Kittens are always looking around. Maybe this is why they have this deep blue eyes?

Kittens are also potential world thinkers, like Emily below:

But they are always funny to watch, above all when they go around two-legged:

Or when they try to play mental tricks on you:

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