Recently, TIME magazine published a picture of woman breastfeeding her baby,16641,20120521,00.html. The picture attracted a lot of criticism from various quarters.  Naturally, breastfeeding is a way of bondage between the mother and the baby. This bondage usually last for a life time. If you find that you love your mother more than your father, it is because your mother nursed you until you came of age. That said, have you ever wondered how animals do it in the animal kingdom? If NO, we have the answer for you in the images below.

Pigs prefer to lie on their backs

A she elephant lactates her young-ones while standing.

The stare tells it all. Mind your business I’m busy!

The embraces while breastfeeding truly shows concern

Camels also breastfeed their babies while standing.

For a Reindeer, Breastfeeding can be done anywhere, even if it in the middle of the road.

Just look at her concentration. She is definitely giving 100%

The She-buffalo(cow) looks unconcerned, but that is their style!

Baby is really enjoying… the closed eyes tells it all.

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