How much do you know about Gorillas?

Chances are that, if you happen to live outside Africa, you have only seen a Gorilla in a zoo or on T.V.  Did you know that the Gorilla is the closest cousin to Man after Bonobo, and the common Chimpanzee? Do you also know that Gorillas are Gentle animals, and rarely attack?  Here are more facts to enrich your knowledge on this often misunderstood intelligent primate.

They are only naturally found in Africa

Gorillas naturally inhabit the following African countries: (Western Lowland gorilla): Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea the Eastern Lowland gorilla: Eastern Congo. Mountain Gorilla: Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo, the Cross River Gorilla is found is a small area of the border between Cameroon, and Nigeria.

They have Unique fingerprints 

Human beings are not the only animals with unique finger prints.  Gorilla’s hands resemble ours in many ways: they have five fingers, and there grasping technique is similar to ours, and there fingerprints is unique.


They are social animals

Gorillas are social animals living in groups known as Troops. A troop is headed by an adult male silverback and multiple adult females with their off springs. However, multiple male troops also exist. The head of the group organizes, and protects the group.



Critical endangered species

Illegal hunting and diseases has greatly reduced the number of Gorillas up to 90% in some areas. Conservationists estimate that Gorilla population has reduced by 60% in the past two decades.


They are intelligent

Scientists consider Gorillas as highly intelligent animals. A few Gorillas in captivity have been taught and master the use of sign language. Laughing, grieving, strong family bonds, the use of tools, and ability to show emotion has been observed in Gorillas.

They live  long lives

Gorillas live fairly long lives compared to other wild animals. There, lifespan is between thirty five and forty years. Zoo Gorillas can live up to fifty years and more.



They are Big Eaters

Adult male Gorillas have been known to consume as much as 18kg of vegetation per day. Gorilla’s diets vary depending on the sub-species, but they mostly eat foliage such as shoots, pith, stems, and leaves.

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