Check out some of the cutest creatures on the planet that truly can knock you dead!

The Chimpanzee

Chimps are wild animals with incredible strength and unknown personalities.

The Cape Buffalo

These fluffy buffalo may not be the most adorable creatures in the wild, but they are kind of cute in their own way. The Cape buffalo, which resembles a large hairy cow, is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. These creatures are often hunted as big game, making man ones of its biggest predators. Because of this, the male buffalo acts extremely vicious towards humans and will actually charge after a person with intent to kill. Definitely not passive herbivores, these creatures will knock you dead with a single blow!

The Raccoon

Raccoons are the most common carrier of rabies in the wild.

The Hippo

Hippos are incredibly territorial and kill hundreds of people every year who approach them and their space. Hippos are also fast runners despite their large size and slow behavior on land. These guys can kill with sheer force via their weight or their bite. Although, not meat eaters, they will still use their mouths and large teeth for protection and fighting. Any human caught in a clash with a hippo will lose and regardless of how cute they might look on television, these creatures are a force you do not want to mess with.

The Puffer fish

These guys are quite cute at first, but once you startle them, you just want to poke them. This Family of fish (I couldn’t choose just one) is able to swallow water (or even air) quickly, so much so that they become spherical, scaring off predators. This often saves both of their lives, since most puffer fish species are poisonous.

The Leopard seal

Beautiful and Dangerous – this leopard seal is a major predator in Antarctica.

The Wolverine

This cute creature has the ability to take down prey as large as a moose.

The Slow Loris

This sweet and innocent looking fellow is actually one of the more poisonous animals on the planet due to his ability to create a toxin which it secretes from the Brachial glands in his elbows.

The Australian Bat

A large number of them are infected with Lyssavirus, a fatal disease similar to rabies.

The Northern Short-Tailed Shrew

The saliva of the Northern Short-tailed Shrew contains an enzyme that is used to paralyze and subdue its prey.