Human beings have formed a mutual bond with pets for thousands of years. Many people consider a pet(s) as one of the family-members, and often an injury, sickness, or death of a pet is known to cause anguish to the owners. The human-pet bond is never in doubt. It will interest you to know that pets, offer more than companionship. Scientific studies have consistently shown that Pets boosts the health of its owners in many ways. Here are some of the ways.

Boost on Fitness

Study has shown that pet greatly improve on the overall fitness. Outdoor activities such as going for a walk with the dogs boost the fitness level.

Reduce Stress

For many pet owners, pets are genuine friends; they can never be hungry at you or cross your path. This helps in relieving stress.

Improve on Cardiovascular

Research has shown that dogs help in lowering the blood pressure of senior citizens. People who own pets have also reported few cases of heart diseases.

Boost Immunity

Children who are exposed to cats and Dogs at an early stage in life have a higher immune system compared to children who do not.

Therapy assistance

Therapy dogs are trained in proving comfort and affection to people in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, schools, and mental institutions.

Improves Emotional health

Loneliness affects many individuals especially if one losses a partner. This can negatively affect ones mental health. Pets effectively fill this gap, eliminating fear, depression, and anxiety.

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