Ever since human beings first domesticated animals more than 20,000 years ago, the partnership between the two has grown in leaps and bounds. One of the areas, domesticated animals have served human beings is entertainment.  Plutarch, A Greek essayist, historian, and biographer wrote of a dog-named Zoppico who used to perform for Emperor Vespasian over two thousand years ago. Zoppico entertained by “playing dead.” The dog achieved this by eating a piece of meat and then pretending to be dead. The audience “applauses” revived the dog. Today, we still cherish, and appreciate animals who have entertained us. Here are some of the animals that have done this, and have achieved “celebrity” status.

Rin tin tin

Rin tin tin is German shepherd dog that acted in over twenty-three Hollywood films capitulating the dog to celebrity status.  The original Rin tin tin died in 1932. His lineage is still into acting to the present day all acting under the name Rin tin tin.




Lassie is another popular entertainment dog, who celebrity status can perhaps be rivaled by Rin tin tin  The first Lassie appeared in the movie Lassie Come Home released in 1943. Since, then other generations of Lassie have acted in Movies, the most recent being Lassie released in 2005.




Willy, a killer whale became famous after starring in the movie free Willy released in 1993.Some of the movies featuring the killer whale include Free Willy, and Free Willy: Escape from pirates’ coves.



Shamu is the first killer whale to appear in a film. Although, Shamu died in 1971, the name Shamu is still  used in Sea world productions.



Marcel is a monkey that featured in the popular television series, the Friends. The monkey appeared in eight episodes



Murray, the dog featured in the television series Mad about you. The popular T.V series ran from 1992 to 1999.


Higgins was one of the most popular dog actors in the 60’s and 70’s. He played under the stage name of “Benji and “Dog” .Higgins lived up to 17 years, a relatively long life in canines.


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